Agile Principles

Based on Agile Manifesto there have 12 principles. These principles describe some characteristics and those characteristics make the difference of agile practices from a heavyweight process. Principle-01: Satisfy Customer through early and contentious delivery of Valuable Software MIT Sloan Management Review published an analysis on software development practices to help companies to build high quality… Read More »

Agile Software Development Manifesto

Agile Development Human interactions are complicated and never very crisp and clean in their effects, but they matter more than any other aspect of the work. — Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister, Peopleware According to Alistair Cockburn- “Process and technology are a second-order effect on the outcome of a project. The first-order effect is the… Read More »

Structure of an Angular Project

Let’s see what filed and folders we have in this new project. e2e The first folder we have is e2e which stands for “end to end”. Here we write end to end test for our application. End to end test is basically automated test that simulate real user. So we can write code to launch… Read More »

HTML Comments

We can comment HTML source by using following syntax- <!- – Comment Goes Here – -> Our comment start tag is <! and end tag >. Example- Main Heading of this site Second Main Heading of this site

Installing Angular

We will see how to set development environment for Angular project- 1. Setup latest version of node. So browse and download latest version of node. Keep in mind don’t download latest version. download latest stable version. In our case latest stable version is 8.11.3 LTS. Although 10.8.3 LTS is latest version but it’s all… Read More »

Architecture of Angular Application

Modern applications have at least two parts “FrontEnd” and “BackEnd” The front end also called the client. It is the part that runs on the web browser and the user sees and interacts with it. It essentially includes the User Interface (UI) of an application. We use HTML, CSS, TypeScript, and Angular to build the… Read More »

HTML Quotation Elements

HTML has some elements for mark texts as quotations. Following elements are uses to mark different types of quotations of text. <q> This element is uses to define short quotation. Example <p> This is <q>Short Quotation</q></p> Output This is Short Quotation <blockquote> This element defines a section that is quoted from another source. Example <p>Here… Read More »

Introduction To Angular

What Angular Is Angular is a framework for building client applications in HTML, CSS and either JavaScript or TypeScript. TypeScript is more common in Angular Community. Why do we need Angular? It’s almost a common question why do we need Angular. Can we not use JavaScript or jQuery for serving the purpose? The answer is… Read More »

HTML Formatting Elements

HTML Styles are some attributes for styling our HTML elements. We discussed about them in our previous blog. HTML also defines some special elements for formatting out texts with some special meaning. Those formatting elements are- <b> This HTML element uses to make the text bold without any extra importance as follows- <b> This Text… Read More »