Best offshore online pharmacies list

The pharmacy will almost certainly have a maximum number of pupils they are ready to get each semester, so be certain to consult with the faculty administration as early in the session as possible, even the session before in the event that you are able to. There are a number of pharmacies that you are… Read More »

Code First Demo

Open Visual Studio. Create a new Console Application project and named it to CodeFirstDemo Install Entity Framework by using NuGet Package Manager Console PM> Install-Package EntityFramework With code first we start with the code. So we will not going to Management Studio and create a new database. Instead we will create a new class called… Read More »

Database First Demo

We will create a simple database table. Then we will use entity framework to generate a domain class based on that table. The whole process is given below- Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. From Object Explorer Right Mouse click on Database folder -> New Database as shown below- Give the Database Name -> Select… Read More »

Workflows of Entity Framework

There are three workflows to build a domain model using Entity Framework. They are Database First Code First Model First 1. Database First In this case we start with the database. Here- At first we design our tables Then Entity Framework generates domain classes based on the database This is the traditional approach that a… Read More »

What is Entity Framework

If we need to access a database from our application we need a persistence framework. With the persistence framework we will be able to load our objects from database or save them to database. We can write the persistence framework by ourselves using plain ADO.NET classes’ like- SqlConnection SqlCommand SqlDataReader Or we can also use… Read More »

Design in the Software Process

Software development goes through a process which is known as software development process. In simple term we define the process as follows The process takes a problem of the proposed system Create a solution for the problem of the software A process is generally iterative. Each iteration builds upon Taking a set of requirements based… Read More »

Object Oriented Thinking

What is Object Oriented Thinking? Object oriented thinking is the thought process in which we will consider everything in terms of object. Example: Consider we have a room. That room contains some tables, chairs, computers etc. Also people works inside the room. Now how we can think it an object oriented way as follows- Table… Read More »

Class diagram

 What is a Class Diagram? Class diagram is a UML diagram type. It describe the system by graphically representing Different classes within the system Relationships among those classes Class diagram also illustrates the attributes and operations inside each class. Class usually used to explore the Domain concepts Understand the software requirements Describe the detailed designs… Read More »

Use Cases Diagram

Use Case is a behavioral diagramming system. By Use Case diagram we describe “how external entities will use the system”. Here external entities can be human or any other system that will use the newly developing system. In use case description we emphasize The users view of the system i.e. from users perspective how the system look… Read More »