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Debugging ASP.NET MVC Application- Part01

->. Visual Studio debugger is a powerful and flexible tool with many features. -> In this post I will discuss about =>.How to set up the debugger =>. Perform different debugging activities in a MVC application. ->. Before create real data centric application we have to learn about how to setup debugger and perform different… Read More »

Conventions of ASP.NET MVC

->. There are two types of conventions in an MVC project. i). Just suggestions. =>. Suggestions for “how to structure the project”. =>. In ASP.NET MVC some suggestions are –>Put content files (css and image files) to the “/Content”  folder –>Put script files to the “/Script”  folder –>Put model classes to the “/Models”  folder –>Put controller classes… Read More »

First Application in ASP.NET MVC 5

So we will now create our first application in ASP.NET MVC. Step by step instructions are given below: ->. Open Visual Studio 2013 ->. Click File->New -> Project as follows -> After clicking “New Project” dialog box will appear to user: -> In New Project dialog box 1). First confirm the .Net Framework set to 4.5.1… Read More »