Monthly Archives: December 2015

MVC Routing

What is Routing? Routing simplifies MVC url. Routing helps us to create user friendly url and those urls can easily maps with technical controller names and action names. How to simplify the url? Some developers maintains some coding standard i.e. naming standard like using prefix word Cls before class name e.g. ClsHomeController. Also some developers… Read More »

First Application in ASP.NET MVC

Open visual studio so following like window will open: From above window click on File Menu -> New -> Project as follows: So a dialog box will appear to us. From this dialog click “Web” menu so it will show “ASP.NET Web Application” template as follows: Inside above “Web” menu there is also a submenu… Read More »

Some of my Favorite Books & Video Tutorials

Whenever I am getting some idle time I try to read something. Reading improving my skills. I really enjoy reading. Here is listed some of my favorite books that I try to read when get times in order to improve myself: The Algorithm Design Manual Head First Object Oriented Analysis and Design Design Patterns: Elements… Read More »