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What is Entity Framework

If we need to access a database from our application we need a persistence framework. With the persistence framework we will be able to load our objects from database or save them to database. We can write the persistence framework by ourselves using plain ADO.NET classes’ like- SqlConnection SqlCommand SqlDataReader Or we can also use… Read More »

HTML Styles

By using style attribute we can set the style of an HTML element. The syntax of an style element is as follows- <tagname style=”property:value;” > Here property means the CSS property and value means the value of CSS. Background Color property To set the background color of an HTML element CSS has a property called… Read More »

HTML Attributes

What is HTML Attribute? Attributes provide additional information about an element. Attributes are always specified in the start tag. Attributes usually come in name/value pairs like: name=”value”. All HTML elements can have attributes. Consider following example- <a href=””>My Web Link</a> Here website link is defined inside <a> tag. Inside <a> tag we have an attribute… Read More »


Guys I am thinking about writing a series of blog posts on Full Stack Web Development (Full Stack .NET Developer). I will start from scratch and finish by creating a project. In between start to end I will discuss about different topics like- HTML-5, CSS-3, JavaScript, jQuery, C# programming, Basic Data Structures and Algorithms, Basic… Read More »

First Application in ASP.NET MVC

Open visual studio so following like window will open: From above window click on File Menu -> New -> Project as follows: So a dialog box will appear to us. From this dialog click “Web” menu so it will show “ASP.NET Web Application” template as follows: Inside above “Web” menu there is also a submenu… Read More »

Some of my Favorite Books & Video Tutorials

Whenever I am getting some idle time I try to read something. Reading improving my skills. I really enjoy reading. Here is listed some of my favorite books that I try to read when get times in order to improve myself: The Algorithm Design Manual Head First Object Oriented Analysis and Design Design Patterns: Elements… Read More »

Shopping Cart Application Part-09 (Repository classes)

@. Now we’ll create base repository class that will implement IRepository interface (that we defined inside Shoppingcart.Infrastructure layer). @. Let’s add a class and named it Repository with following definition: public abstract class Repository : IRepository where T : BaseEntity, IAggregateRoot { private ShoppingcartContext dataContext; private readonly DbSet dbset; protected Repository(IDataContextFactory dataContextFactory) { DataContextFactory =… Read More »

Change User Validations ASP.Net Identity2

In asp.Net identity 2 in order to restrict user information implemented some validation properties that’s are: follows: AllowOnlyAlphanumericUserNames : If this property set to “false” then ASP.Net Identity will not allow user to enter user name in alpha numeric form. Otherwise it will allow users to enter user name in alpha numeric form. RequireUniqueEmail :… Read More »

Get current user id ASP.Net MVC5

There are two simple ways to get current user in MVC 5. i. From controller class one can fetch current user id as follows: string userId = User.Identity.GetUserId(); In that case one have to add following namespace using Microsoft.AspNet.Identity; ii. If one want to fetch user id outside of a controller class he/she will use… Read More »